A growing business: Pakistan stands number one in child pornography

Minister of Human Rights said we should be 'ashamed to call ourselves Muslim'.



Initiating a Child Protection Campaign in Islamabad, Federal Minister for Human Rights Shireen Mazari revealed a shameful fact. She said that Pakistan stands number one in child pornography.

The Minister added that the issue is prevalent in every segment of society and a comprehensive dialogue is needed to tackle it. She said that seeing our harrowing standing in child pornography, we should be ashamed to call ourselves Muslims.

“This matter is in every stratum of our society. In order to put an end to incidents of sexual abuse of children, we need to launch collective efforts” stated Shireen Mazari.

She informed that the ministry is looking forward to ‘Zainab Alert, Response, and Recovery 2019’ to be passed by National Assembly’s Standing Committee chaired by Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.

A thriving business in Pakistan:

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Cybercrime Wing Director General Captain (retd) Muhammad Shoaib warned that child pornography has become a mushrooming business in Pakistan – and it is time for parents to be more vigilant than ever.

Speaking to a local news source, he said that a number of suspects have been apprehended and enough evidence has been collected to verify their affiliation with internationally operating child pornography rackets.

“Child pornography is a business and investigations into the complains we have received from abroad as well as locally have revealed that those involved in the crime are linked to international child pornography rings,” he said.

He added that more than 20 suspects have been arrested in the link, to this. Some among them are still in jail, while others have been granted bail by courts. He added that investigations on 50 more are underway.

Shoaib said it is a key necessity for parents to be vigilant and keep a close check on their child’s online activities and behavior since these predators pretend to be women and children to manipulate and lure.

You can buy child porn in Kasur for Rs 10

The Pakistani nation is good at forgiving the injustices done to them – and more than that, we are good at ‘forgetting’ them. In this rare case, the social media community, protesters and courts played their role very vigilantly, but now that Zainab’s rapist Imran Ali has been hanged, what is next?

Still, in the streets of Kasur, you can purchase tapes of child pornography for only 10 rupees (DAWN reports). Not too long ago, the mainstream media and viewers alike were taken by shock when the biggest child abuse scandal in modern history was unmasked in Punjab’s Kasur.

In the year 2015, a pornography ring working in an astonishingly organized manner under the nose of stakeholders and law enforcement agencies was busted. The ring was involved in filming over 200 children from village Hussain Khanwala and later threatening their families for staying silent. Over 400 videotapes were confiscated, that were being sold for only 50 rupees then.

The head of this network was alleged to be the ruling party PML-N’s MPA Malik Saeed. Arrests were made in the regard and mostly men involved in this were 20 to 30 years of age – however since powerful is always innocent due to loopholes on our justice system, they got bail and were released later on.

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Zainab’s murder happened less than 20 km away from the same village, that also violently protested against her murder as it brought back the memories of their own children.

Mobeen Ghaznavi, the local council chairman, said that they have gotten nothing ever since the scandal was unmasked. He says that they themselves are treated like criminals rather than victims when they go to the police, so they don’t go anymore.

The kind of vulgar questions that are asked, and asked with such force in the hope of intimidation, end up succeeding in confusing the witnesses, victims and petition filers.

As Zainab’s culprit was hanged, making her one of the few lucky ones to see the dawn of justice. let us not delude ourselves that it is the end of it. We must not mislead ourselves by thinking that the same choked and tattered justice system will serve us justice every single time. Now is the need, more than ever, to do our part of the duty.

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