A lesson to learn: New Zealand’s PM has won Pakistan’s hearts with her compassion

The world has become a toxic insensitive place to breathe in. With human life being shamelessly massacred and the rights being run over every single day, the tragedies have become a common sight. However, the way New Zealand collectively has stood against hate to protect their thin Muslim minority bracket and how PM Jacinda Ardern has put forth an appreciable and matchless example of compassion is enough to touch any humane heart.

New Zealanders have always taken pride in their secular values and diversity, wearing their multiculturism like a medal. However, the Christchurch mosque shooting and the incident of hate crime motivated by white nationalist ideology shook the island. Acting promptly, New Zealand moved to ban assault rifles, putting 25 years of US inaction to shame. With this, PM Ardern said that the lost lives are the ones she is going to own, while the country will even strip the attacker off his identity and name.

As today was the first Friday after the brutal attack claiming more than 50 lives and there was an obviously dominating sentiment of fear, New Zealanders belonging to different religious identities and walks of life stood outside mosques assuring protection to their Muslim minority while they prayed.

The beautiful example of love and compassion showed by the people and the leader of the state has won hearts across the world, including Pakistan. While it has given us a literal illustration of how to conduct ourselves in time of such crisis, providing ourselves to be a sane, humane nation – her love and compassion towards her own people and standing by state’s secularist values rejecting all forms of hate has also lead to out leadership’s admiration towards him.

The head of the state, government officials and people of Pakistan have collectively declared her conduct praiseworthy and honourable.

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