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Pakistan generates revenue worth $4 billion through its IT exports.

  • “The scene is set for Pakistan to take the next stage of development”. Ambassador Asad Majeed
  • Pakistan plans to continue its outreach to U.S. tech companies. 


Pakistan’s IT industry is trying to make its place globally. It is pushing its IT industry to the US companies and investors to boost the struggling economy of the country.

IT Conference in Silicon Valley

Asad Majeed Khan, Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States attended the IT conference earlier this month in Silicon Valley.

The Forbes magazine said that Pakistan temptingly displayed its progressive IT industry during the conference in Silicon Valley.

“If I were to look at our overall economic performance, the IT sector comes out as one that has performed the best,” said Asad Majeed Khan, the Pakistani ambassador to the United States and one of the conference speakers. “The whole idea of doing the tech summit was to inform the companies in the Silicon Valley about what is our potential and what is it we can do together”.

Ambassador further added, “Over the years, the government has not done as much as it should have in terms of focusing on expanding the IT sector”. “In the past two or three years, though, we’ve seen some phenomenal growth.”

Pakistan’s IT exports

Pakistan generates revenue worth $4 billion through its IT exports. However, ambassador said that the number is more likely to be high as many payments suffer during international settlements.

“Our IT success story is not as widely known and as widely shared as it should be,” Ambassador Khan said. “If you were to only compare the numbers, the actual potential, then Pakistan has really come a long way in terms of harnessing the IT potential.”

There were more than 200 people in the audience who listened to 14 Pakistani start-up companies. Moreover, panels on microelectronics, software development, artificial intelligence, gaming, medical innovation, and venture capital funding were also amongst the audience.

The Forbes writer while appreciating PM Khan said that, “In part that’s because the country’s charismatic new prime minister, former international cricket star Imran Khan, has made the economy his top priority”.

 Article originally published in The Forbes

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  • When you have a PM who is dynamic in his vision & sincere in his approach things are bound to improve, all we need little patience.

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