More than 70 candidates of Pakistani origin are competing in the upcoming elections

For the first time, more than 70 candidates of Pakistani origin have been given tickets.

  • The general elections will take place in England on December 12.
  • Conservative Party gave 20, Labour 19 and, Liberal Democrat 12 tickets to the British-Pakistani candidates.
  • Many British-Pakistanis are participating in the elections representing smaller parties while some are running as independent contestants.


For the first time, more than 70 candidates of Pakistani origin have been given tickets by the UK Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats.

The general elections are taking place in the UK on December 12. This time, a record number of British-Pakistani citizens are participating in the elections. The Conservative party gave tickets to the 20 Pakistanis, while the Labor party gave tickets to 19 Pakistanis.

Conservative Party:

Minister Saeeda Warsi, first British-Pakistani woman, and member Sajid Javed are also associated with the conservative party.

Nusrat Ghani, Transport Minister of the previous Assembly, is also from the conservative party. Saqib Bhatti’s name is also in the list of candidates. He is the first Muslim president of the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce.

Labour Party:

The Labour Party has given tickets to 19 Pakistanis. Chaudhry Mohammed Sarwar, former British-Pakistani minister, belonged to the Labour Party.

The current mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, former Lord Mayor of Manchester, Afzal Khan, the youngest Pakistani-born Muslim MP, Khalid Mahmood, and Nawaz Shah are also from the Labour Party.


Liberal Democrat Party has given tickets to 12 Pakistanis. Hina Bukhari, Hamira Malik, Tariq Mehmood, Hina Malik, Khalil Yousuf, Aisha Mir, Saleh Ahsan, Zafar Haq, Waheed Rafiq, Kamran Hussain, Javed Bashir, and Faizan Rehman are the contestants who will run elections for Liberal Democrat party.

Besides, many British-Pakistanis are participating in the elections through the Briggate Party, the Green Party, and other smaller parties. However, some will be running as independent candidates.

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