A Tribute: Watch Zara Abid’s first and last short film “Sikka”

Zara Abid, like many others, faced discrimination based on her *not so light skin tone* but that could not overshadow her hard work and persistence to shine through.

She became one of the prominent names in the fashion industry of Pakistan. Over the years, she managed to become the face of numerous renowned brands in Pakistan. As they say, ‘You get what you work for!’

Unfortunately, the rising star Zara was among those who lost their lives in the May 22 PIA plane crash. in Karachi.

In the loving memory of the deceased, her colleagues shared fond memories, and her recent short film’s team also decided to release the film as a tribute to the model.

Zara worked as a lead role in her recent short film ‘Sikka,’ and Saba Qamar did the voice over for the project. Sikka narrates a story of two women living two completely different lives but connecting on the same level.

Sikka highlights the challenges and sacrifices a woman in our society has to make to be able to live a life equal to men. The story talks about how this patriarchal society does not regard women, and despite working twice as hard as men, women end up being under-celebrated because our community hardly ever celebrates its most significant contributor.

The face behind Sikka is Ahmed Sarym, who has written and directed the short film. The film has been released as a tribute to Zara, celebrating her immense talent and beauty.

Watch it HERE:

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