A village in Punjab where there is full literacy and no crime

The tiny village is a role model for not only the developing countries but also the developed countries.

A sign board of Rasool Pur village, having full literacy and zero crime.
Rasool Pur village in South Punjab The village is mostly populated by ethnic Baloch from the Ahmadani tribe.

There is a small village named Rasool Pur in the remote areas of southwestern Punjab that is a role model for not only developing countries but developed countries as well. 

This tiny village, located in the Jampur Tehsil of the Rajanpur district in Punjab, has managed to champion a 100% literacy rate and a 0% crime rate.

The village also has a “remarkable sense of responsibility” amongst its locals. You would not find anyone littering around, and the whole village is a non-smoking zone.

It is pertinent to note that the village’s population is only around 2,000-3,000 people, with most of them being ethnic Baloch from the Ahmadani tribe.

The Ahmadani Baloch people permanently settled in this area in 1933 after being displaced by floods in Balochistan.

At the time, the new settlers did not have any source of income. Hence, education became their tool to earn a source of living.

Sometimes, some knowledge is worth more than all of the wealth this world encompasses. This is indeed something to ponder upon.

The first school — exclusively funded by the locals — was established in 1935 for both boys and girls to give them access to education.

Since then, education has been the number one priority of the locals.

The village elders do not allow anyone — whether it be a male or a female — to participate in society if one fails to complete high school.

Moreover, there is a social welfare organization named Rasool Pur Development Society that makes sure no one drops out of school due to affordability.

Meanwhile, the police station of Rasool Pur has not witnessed a single criminal case in almost a century.

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