A woman once slapped Nayyar Ejaz at an Islamabad airport

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Nayyar Ejaz
Nayyar Ejaz was slapped by a lady at an Islamabad airport.

In a recent interview, the legendary Pakistani film and television actor Nayyar Ejaz revealed that a woman once slapped him at an airport.

Ejaz elaborated by saying that he once did a negative character in a movie. In one of the scenes, he was singing a song while shaving his face, and back in his (character’s) mind, that character was thinking that his wife was having an affair with his friend. In a rage, he cut the face of his wife with the blade.

After that movie, the actor said he was sitting at Islamabad airport, and a woman came and asked him to stand up. He stood up, and she hit him on his face.

Nayyar added, “I was shocked and asked her why she did that. The lady responded that for 30 years, she used to talk to her husband while he was shaving his face, and now she is scared that her husband can cut her face with a blade.”

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