Aalia Rasheed, Sikandar Bakht controversy: Do only men have the right to comment on cricket?

Sarfraz Ahmed's ability and services to the cricket team cannot be denied, but he is no longer part of the team.

It was a usual TV program on Geo Super. Anchor Aalia Rasheed had questioned her fellow anchor Sikandar Bakht as to why was he talking about cricketer Sarfaraz Ahmed when he was not even in the team. She suggested for him to talk about Mohammad Rizwan instead, a cricketer currently enrolled in the team.

At this, Sikandar Bakht got angry and replied, “What has Rizwan done? Has he won any match?.” Speaking In favor of Rizwan, Aalia replied, “The whole world is praising him, you should report honestly.” At this, Sikandar got furious and demanded that Aalia apologize and take her words back.

Is Aalia wrong?

In principle, Aalia’s position is not wrong. Her statement was that Rizwan was playing at the time and thus, should be encouraged rather than being made a part of any controversy. Sarfraz Ahmed’s ability and services to the cricket team cannot be denied, but he is no longer part of the team.

Likewise, Sikandar Bakht’s position is weak regarding Rizwan’s ‘weak performance’. Everyone knows that Mohammad Rizwan joined the team after a stellar performance in domestic cricket and his honeymoon period is not over yet. No ordinary commentator can judge his abilities on the basis of the seventh test match alone, let alone a former test cricketer and expert commentator, Sikandar Bakht.

Sikandar Bakht interviewing Imran Khan back in his cricketing days.

‘Will the kitchen cook now that us what the footwork is?’

Sikandar Bakht is not bothered by his stance, words, and his comment that “whoever has never held a bat and has not worn pads should not teach us footwork.”

Interestingly, he denies opposing women analysts and says he would welcome an analyst who has played cricket regularly, by giving an example of Sana Mir.

If this position of Sikandar Bakht is accepted as correct, then many commentators who have never played a good style of cricket will have to be fired, but their knowledge and nuances on cricket are no less than that of any international cricketer.

In the past, Jamshed Marker, Umar Qureshi, Iftikhar Ahmed, Munir Hussain Chishti Mujahid were the famous commentators from whom cricketers also took advice even though they may never even have taken a bat.

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  • Alia Rashid is right. Rizwan has lot of talents.Of course Sarfraz was also good but focus on him at the moment is not appropiate

  • سکندر صاحب 2 یا 4 میچ کھیل کر ایکسپرٹ بنے ہوے ہیں چینل والوں کو بھی چاھئے کسی لیجنڈ سے تبصرے کروائیں یے تو”2ٹکے کا ایکسپرٹ ہے 500 1000 میں اس کو سارا دن چینل پر بٹھائی رکھو

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