Aamir Liaquat And Waqar Zaka Join Hands To Help Rohingya Muslims – Plan A Visit To Burma

Pakistan has been raising voice against brutality against Muslims, which is synonymous to crimes against humanity in Burma.

We all are desperate to do something for them, for our hearts are bleeding for them.
Amir Liaquat and Waqar Zaka both have been quite a controversial figures among the public. However, they recently made the headlines after their twitter conversation where both individuals plan to go to Burma together!
Waqar Zaka spoke in solidarity with Rohingya Muslims on his twitter account.

Later, he directly mentioned famous religious scholar and tv host Aamir Liaquat Hussain saying that they should together go to Burma. They both were of the view that even if they can save one family even, it will be a great triumph, undoubtedly.



Their effort was met with mixed response. Few people said that they could’ve had this conversation privately on the telephone rather than making it public. Due to their history in the making to the headlines for controversial stuff, people think that this too is nothing more than a popularity stunt.



However many people appreciate as well. Waqar also received tremendous love from the public before too when he went to Syria to do his part.





We all pray that both of them make an effort to do something.
That will practically show that by making individual efforts on the small magnitude, we can make a big difference!

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