Aamir Liaquat takes another jibe at Mehwish Hayat, inappropriately comments on her recent photo shoot

'Should I call you Tamgha or Naghma?'

Mehwish Hayat’s Tamgha e Imtiaz upset the majority of Pakistanis. She received the award – but along with misogynist hurls, labels and character assassination. However, while most of us are over it, Aamir Liaquat still is not.

To imply that a woman is characterless is quite archaic, but it still is a very potent and effective tool to damage her credibility. Politically strong women or the ones in the showbiz community have fallen victim to it. Mehwish’s case is no different.

She has repeatedly faced character assassination for simply having an opinion. However, in most cases, Aamir Liaquat has never shied away while throwing his misogynist comments.

He’s at it again, after her recent photoshoot.

The social media community also expressed its displeasure, saying it is inappropriate for a member of the national assembly to comment on women like this. 

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