Aamir Liaquat Joins PTI – See How People Are Reacting To It

Controversial and popular TV host and televangelist Amir Liaquat has joined PTI, calling it his final decision. The decision, although expected, has sparked an outrage and gotten an immense reaction. Imran Khan has formally welcomed him warmly and expects a lot from his potential. Amir Liaquat previously left MQM, calling it quits not just with the party, but also his time in politics. But now he is calling PTI as his final destination.

He said that the elections are near and it is positive that more and more people are joining their political campaign. On being asked his views about the criticism made on PTI previously by Amir Liaquat, Khan said that as long as one is trying to change, past should be let go of.

“I believe that people change for the better. As long as people are trying to be better than before each day, they should not be questioned about the things they said in the past,” Khan said in response to the questions. (Source: Geo News)

Khan confirmed his joining, however, has not specified the role he will be fulfilling for the party. Previously, the news of Amir Liaquat’ s affiliation with PTI surfaced but was later denied, as the party wasn’t unanimous on his selection due to his controversial past and comments on TV, which he is known for.

Even now, the supporters are not very happy about it. The Twitter community has shown extreme dissatisfaction with it, saying that they are disappointed in party leadership’s decisions, as the agents of change are no more watching the people they are putting their faith in as representatives. The reasons for the concerns is his controversial past and how actively he has criticized PTI previously. Here is what Twitterati has to say:

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