Aamir Liaquat sings ‘Laila o Laila’ in live Ramadan transmission

Watch the video here!


A video of Aamir Liaquat has been making the rounds on social media where the religious scholar can be seen singing a song during a live Ramazan transmission.

The behind-the-scenes video clip, which has gone viral on various social media platforms, shows Liaquat singing the superhit Bollywood song, ‘Laila o Laila,’ as the musicians play the music.

Liaquat has been trending all over social media ever since the Ramazan Transmission 2021 started.

Previously, his videos of falling while racing with a female athlete and hilariously grooving to the beat of “Nagin” on his Ramazan show also went viral on the internet.

Moreover, a few days ago, an actress named Hania Khan claimed to be the third wife of Aamir Liaquat and accused him of using black magic against her. As usual , he seems to be in the news for all the wrong reasons . 

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  • Amir liaqat seems to have some psychological issue! He should get help! In my honest opinion he is not acting normal!

  • Such males should be banned on TV channels and social media…..how we can say him a scholar? Koi sharam hoti hai koi haya hoti hai

    • Aap aurtein hee aisay mardoon ko pasand kertee hain dil mein, tabhee hum saray mard aisay hee hoo rahay hain,, evolution Maryam baby!!!

  • یار, یہ کیا بکواس ھے۔ اس بندے کے خلاف کوئی ایکشن کوئی نہیں ہوتا ھے۔۔

  • Kabhe ye shahrukh khan hain, kabhe ye moin akhter hain, kabhe dilip kumar hain,,,, kabhe islamic schelor hain, Aalim online hain,Quran sunnah ki batain , movies may bhe acting kr rahe hain, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Ab Ramazan may Ganay suna rahy hain,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,kia kehsakty hain,,,,,,bas yehe khayal ata hey k Eblees bhe buhat naik ebadat guzar aur sb sy ziada Knowledge wala Farishta thaaa,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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