Surrounded By An Angry Mob Aamir Liaquat Rescued By Police

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf leader Aamir Liaquat Hussain was saved by the police as an angry mob tried to attack him in Bhangoria Ghoth Area, Azizabad Karachi this Tuesday.
As per the details, when Doctor Aamir Liaquat reached the location for the recording of his program, the residents started creating disturbance and chanted derogatory slogans. After that, an angry mob surrounded him and tried to attack him.

However, fortunately, police was present in the area and with a timely execution rescued him out of the danger. Aamir Liaquat talked about it on twitter saying that MQM counsellor in Bhangoria Ghoth staged this attack on him. He also refuted SHO Azizabad’s claim that he was there to get his protest recorded with reference to water scarcity and unavailability of safe drinking water in the area. However, that led to a difference of opinion and an argument.

According to the SHO, there was no ‘’attack’’ on him. Aamir Liaquat rejected it saying that SHO is instead trying to save the MQM counsellor. He confirmed the presence of guns and arms with the people who surrounded him and tried to attack him. He said that he indeed was there to address people’s concerns about safe drinking water and told that he was contacted and invited by the residents to speak on their behalf. Aamir added that the gun was pointed at him after the supporting crowd left. But, with timely action from the police, his life was saved.

He added by saying that he is well-aware of who was behind the attack and will proceed for an FIR in the matter.

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