Aamir Liaquat warns Imran Khan against spreading rumours about his divorce

Aamir Liaquat with Dania Shah

Just months after tying the knot for the third time, self proclaimed religious scholar Aamir Liaquat is back in the news following rumours of parting ways with his wife, Dania Shah.

Recently, it was reported that the host of Aalim Online has divorced his third wife Dania Shah. However, he took to his social media account to deny the rumours.

Dania Shah also took to Instagram to deny the rumours. She wrote: “Rumors are rumors, we will not allow anyone to spread false news. Aamir is Dania and Dania is Aamir. Fullstop.”

In a series of tweets, Aamir Liaquat Hussain lashed out at the supporters of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf for spreading false news about him and his wife. “Don’t force me to tell you the stories of the third wife in Bani Gala,” he warned the PTI supporters.

He demanded the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and other relevant authorities to arrest the journalists and those behind the social media accounts who are spreading rumours of his divorce with Dania Shah.

The controversial figure added: “I vehemently deny all the rumors that PTI and its mercenaries are spreading that I have parted ways with Dania. We love each other immensely. I warned PTI and their rented goons., Don’t enter in my home, otherwise nothing will be left.”

Aamir Liaquat also warned former Prime Minister Imran Khan.

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  • What a moron, every one knows his cheapness and he thinks some one like Imran Khan will waste his time to even think about this stinking garbage.

  • no one gives a dam to him so he wants attention… He wants pepole to abuse him so that he can come in lime light, but even in Sindh house no one talked to him or gave him even a single penny. #MuftKiXXndi

  • Such a moron and disgusted person I have ever came across who doesn’t have any type of shame, a dickhead who destroyed religious social ethics

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