Aasia Amer levels serious allegations against Alyzeh Gabol yet again

This isn't the first time that Malik Riaz's daughter has attacked Alyzeh Gabol.

Alyzeh gabol on left with Malik Riaz and Aasia amer on right

Business tycoon Malik Riaz’s daughter, Aasia Amer, has yet again levelled serious allegations against Alyzeh Gabol. This time, Aasia Amer has accused the model and actress of jaadu tona (magic and sorcery).

This isn’t the first time that Malik Riaz’s daughter has attacked Alyzeh Gabol. However, despite the continuous attacks, her son Zoraiz Malik and the actress are still living together. Recently, Alyzeh made her social media comeback and also uploaded a picture with Zoraiz.

Aasia Amer once again took to her Instagram account and shared the poster of House of Gucci. She termed Alyzeh similar to the character of Patrizia Reggiani played by Lady Gaga in Ridley Scott’s upcoming movie.

“Same to same real life story of Alizeh global home wrecker,” she wrote. Aasia Amer urged her followers to watch how “money crazy and power hungry woman go for rich man with the help of jaadu tona (magic and sorcery).

On the other hand, her son and Alyzeh are enjoying their life together in Dubai. They have been completely silent despite the daily attacks by Aasia.

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  • Is she waiting for her to come Pakistan so she do same thing what Malik Riaz daughters and grand daughter did with actress last year yai bibi to buhat gusse mai lg rhi hai

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