Abu Dhabi-based Lulu Group International to establish food processing plant in Indian-occupied Kashmir

  • An Abu Dhabi-based company is establishing a food processing plant in Indian-occupied Kashmir.
  • The company’s head has responded to the Indian prime minister’s call to invest in the occupied region.
  • The company’s head is also close to both Emirati and Indian establishments.
  • Kashmiri activists have labeled the move as ‘colonization.’

(Indian Consulate Dubai)

The Abu Dhabi-based Lulu Group International is soon to up a food processing plant in Indian-occupied Jammu & Kashmir.

Human rights activists are describing the company’s move as aiding settler colonialism in Kashmir.

(Indian Consulate Dubai)

In a statement issued on social media on Thursday, the Indian consulate said Lulu Group had signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) after meeting with a delegation from Jammu & Kashmir during an ongoing UAE-India Food Security Summit in Dubai.

(Indian Consulate Dubai)

According to reports, the initial MoU would be worth $8 million and create 300 jobs.


It has also been reported that Lulu would be looking for land in Kashmir for its processing plant in February 2021.

The announcement was met with fierce criticism from Kashmiri activists and scholars who say the Lulu Group involvement in Kashmir would render them complicit in India’s settler-colonial project in the region.

In October 2020, the Indian government amended land laws in Kashmir, effectively granting non-Kashmiris the right to purchase land.

This development reiterated previous concerns that Delhi had plans to change the demographics in Kashmir. 

“While Lulu enters the Kashmiri horticultural industry on the cusp of Indian government’s settler-colonial policies, the Indian state is busy destroying the Kashmir’s hard-won horticultural economy – by destroying orchards, limiting Kashmiri traders mobility and cutting communications,” Mohamed Junaid, an assistant professor at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, told Middle East Eye.

The Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed (MbZ), and the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, hug each other. (PTI)

The Indian government has grown increasingly closer to Israel and the Gulf countries, especially the UAE and Saudi Arabia, over the past decade.

This week, the Indian army chief is visiting Saudi Arabia for the first time, underlining the extent to which ties have improved between the two countries.

Lulu Group International is a massive enterprise of almost 200 hypermarkets in 22 countries across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Asia, and Europe. Its annual turnover is said to be $7.4 billion.

Yusuf Ali, the group’s chairman and managing director, is close to both the Emirati and Indian political establishments.

Yusuf Ali, the chairman and managing director of LuLu Group International, with Mohammed bin Zayed and Modi.

During Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to UAE in 2019, Ali committed to investing in Kashmir in response to the prime minister’s call to invest in the region.

According to Gulf News, Ali said he would be dispatching a team to Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh to hire staff and source products and raw material towards importing Kashmiri produce to the UAE.

Indian-occupied Kashmir is often described as the most militarized place on earth, with more than 700,000 soldiers, paramilitary, and police based in the region.

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  • if this news make Hindutva happy …despites what is happening in India…. Go for it…. Good Luck diverting attention… I feel bad for Indians…. Modi is best thing happened for Pakistan… best BEST… GREATEST…. India has soo much big image in Western countries until 2014…. now it is limited to Dubai….. Enjoy this new while you can….

  • You should get your facts right, don’t just post sensational news to get clicks Lulu is originally an Indian chain, the owner is from south India kerala. Yes they have chain of stores across gulf region but they are Indian.

    • Absolutely right. The guy named Yusuf is from kerala and has been enjoying great relationship with arabs due to heavy investments since long.

    • What are you criticizing?

      • Where in the article does it state that LuLu Group is an Emirati company?

      • Where in the article does it say that the owner of the company is Emirati?

      • Where in the article does it say that LuLu Group’s owner is not Indian?

      What does the article say?

      The article ONLY states that the company is “ABU DHABI-BASED.”

      Abu Dhabi-based أبو ظبي میں مبنی-

      So, why are you saying ‘ get your facts right’ ??

  • LULU is owned and operated by Indians and started it’s operations in early 80’s in UAE. Now they are a giant , but this doesn’t make them Arab. They are pure indian.
    Fact Check before posting bullshit.

    • Where in the article does it say the company is Arab or Emirati? Where in the article does it say that the company’s owner is Emirati or Arab? Where in the article does it say that the company’s owner is NOT Indian? The article only states that the company is “Abu Dhabi-based” only. The company is multinational and has its operations on a global scale but the headquarters are located in Abu Dhabi. Of course, that doesn’t make it Arab or Emirati (THE ARTICLE NEVER STATED THIS). There is a clear difference being Emirati/Arab vs. Abu Dhabi-based. Also, please don’t use swear words.

  • This move will breed hurdles in peace in region. Both states Pakistan and India are atomic power. If there war starts, no one will has power to stop that.

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