Islamic scholar introduces the concept of ‘part-time’ marriage to tackle rising divorce rates

In all this, people would expect Abu Dhabi's authorities to school married couples on keeping their marriage strong or make stricter divorce criterion policies.

According to the latest reports, about 200,000 married couples are divorced every year in Abu Dhabi. Speaking about the rising divorce rates, President Abdel Fatah Al Sisi said:

Research suggests that 40 percent of marriages end within the first five years.

The Deputy Minister of Health and the General Supervisor of the Councils of Population, and Childhood and Motherhood, Maysa Shawky, also commented on the matter and said:

As of 2017, the divorce rates in Egyptian cities have skyrocketed to 60.7 percent, while some villages report a 39.3 percent divorce rate.

In all this, people would expect Abu Dhabi’s authorities to school married couples on keeping their marriage strong or make stricter divorce criterion policies. However, surprisingly, a new marriage concept has been introduced to tackle the rising divorce rates.

The New Concept – Part-Time Marriages

Dr. Ahmed Karima, Professor of Comparative Jurisprudence at Al Azhar University in Abu Dhabi, has approved the concept of ‘part-time marriage’ in Egypt.

Speaking to a media outlet, Dr. Karima said:

The conditions for marriage in Sharia are the consent between the two partners, witnesses, and the dowry. Once these conditions are met, the marriage becomes legitimate and entails rights, including shared inheritance, cohabitation, and enjoyment in a legitimate way. This is called part-time marriage.

Dr. Karima further stated:

One cannot prohibit or criminalize part-time marriage as long as the marriage contract fulfills the conditions. Unlike temporary marriage, which is limited to one or two months or more, which is void in Islam, part-time marriage is legitimate.

How was the concept formulated?

Lawyer Ahmed Mahran first suggested the idea of part-time marriage. He took to Facebook to share:

Part-time marriage would reduce divorce and marital problems as Egypt has more than 2.5 million divorcees.

Social Media reacts

After Dr. Karima endorsed the concept of part-time marriage, the topic started trending on social media. Egyptians reacted to the idea of part-time marriage strongly.

While few people liked the concept, many considered it to be forbidden by Sharia and said it must be buried. Others accused Ahmed Mahran of seeking the demolition of family values by spreading immorality and facilitating adultery through part-time marriages.

Some social media users stated that if part-time marriage were legalized, women would become a cheap and humiliating commodity; women would marry part-time every day, and men would take advantage of this loophole. Several Egyptians called on Al Azhar, the top religious authority in Egypt, to come forward with a definitive opinion on the legitimacy of part-time marriages.

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  • It is “Mutah” which is for limited time, so is this, only thing he changed is its name and called it “part time marriage”.

  • One of the most stupid ideas and against islam there is no part time marriage. Down fall of this country.

  • What will be the exact duration of part time marriage and why under what circumstances one wanna do that ?

  • He’s right, a student can marry ( NIKAH) a woman to avoid fornication and live together as the western couples live in partnership. Later if the things go well they can carry on living together or divorce otherwise. This is not MUTA as you fix a divorce date at NIKAH ceremony as a condition.

    • ?What about getting permission from woman father? What happens if a child is born? And how is this any different than regular marriage?

    • Muttah gives protection to both woman and child(if one Born’s because of Muttah) other non Islamic temporary marriages don’t

  • “Part-time marriage” has provoked a heated debate in Egypt in recent days after Egyptian lawyer Ahmed Mahran proposed it as a way to solve the problem of millions of divorced and unmarried women in Egypt and the Arab world.

    Under his proposal, a husband could take a second wife on condition he does not permanently live with her. Instead, the husband could visit his new wife at her place for a few hours a week, while staying most of his time with his first wife.

    **This is the purposed concept of so called part time marriage.

  • Who is this shitty writer.he writes about abu dhabi and egypt at the same time .doesnt even know which country is he talking about.

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