According To Scientists You Can Actually PREVENT Cancer If You Stop Eating These Foods

Cancer is a gruesome story that leaves the person emotionally and physically devastated.  In recent years, the number of cancer patients is on the rise. Some we know is fighting the battle and we are witnessing them breaking inside and wishing that it wouldn’t have happened.

According to WHO, 8.2 million people lost their lives to cancer in 2012 globally.

If the number wasn’t horrifying enough already, WHO also predicted a whopping 70% rise in cancer cases during next 20 years.

But know what? According to half modern scientific studies, more than half the cancer cases that occurred were PREVENTABLE with lifestyle changes. Primary cancer triggering causes are chemicals and radiation, and you can actually prevent them by eliminating the following foods from your routine:

Microwaved Popcorns:

Surprised? These are our favorite snack! Many of us gravitate to these as they not only are delicious but also making process only takes a few minutes. When these popcorns go into the microwave, the artificial butter releases fumes that have diacetyl. Diacetyl is toxic to humans! So cook your popcorns in the traditional way and also avoid picking them up as a snack at movies as well unless you are 100% sure of how they are made.

Canned Fruit:

Again, another favorite of us! What better snack to choose when you are on the go and want to fool yourself that you are eating healthy? Unfortunately, it isn’t healthy. Its common sense that anything that is preserved in cans to elongate the lifespan will be loaded with chemicals. The cans are lined with Bisphenol-A (BPA). BPA is proved to alter the brain cells of rats genetically (YES, it is as scary as it sounds!). Fresh fruit tastes so much better and has impeccable benefits. Completely cut off canned fruit to save your health.

Grilled Red Meat:

Red meat is a popular food in this part of the world especially. However, directly grilling raw meat or processed red meat can cause cancer. Scientists have proven have when cooked in this particular way, meat released a carcinogen. So by the end it is ‘cooked’, the chemical composition of meat is completely changed and rather than being a healthy food source, it becomes cancer provoking.
No, we are not asking you to eliminate it. Just bake it or cook it in a skillet pan instead.

White Flour:

When the flour is completely refined, all nutritional value is removed. It is then actually bleached using chlorine gas to make it appear further fine.
The chemical processes not only remove all the benefits that flour has but also induces high glycemic index. The GI keeps spiking your insulin without adding any nutritional value.
This is pretty self-explanatory that why you need to eliminate or significantly reduce refined flour from your routine.

Farmed Fish:

Commercial farming includes raising a huge number of fishes at the same time. Which of course means that fishes there are treated with antibiotics, chemical, and pesticides. So the fish that we are consuming is loaded with chemicals and artificial treatments. Farmed salmon also has no omega 3, which is a component for whom consumption of fish is encouraged by health experts.

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