Achievement Unlocked: Pakistan’s Women Cricket Team Sets Record By Taking Five Wickets In Six Balls

Pakistani women have set records and broken stereotypes by doing whatever it needed to achieve their odds against all odds. Our women cricket team is no different! Standing against the discriminatory attitude of the society, limited funds and opportunities along with selectors asking for ‘extra’ favors, women cricket team still managed to bring glory to the nation every now and then.

The team had already stunned us all by beating New Zealand for the first time. But shortly after that, they have set another record by taking five wickets in six balls in Sharjah.

During the 2nd T20I, New Zealand was about to set a high target as they stood on 131/2 in 16 overs. However, the Shaheens turned the tables in no time. By taking one wicket in 17th over, 4 in 18th and another in the 19th wicket, Pakistan’s team gracefully restricted them at 151/8.

The consecutive five wickets were taken by Nashra Sandhu, who perfectly depicted her talent and caliber by taking 4 wickets in 5 consecutive balls whereas the fifth wicket was taken by Sadia Yousaf.

This stable and confident performance under such pressure shows the passion, talent, and determination of our team. We are hopeful that the team will keep on bringing more joy and chances to hold the head high for the entire nation.

Watch the match here:

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