Actor Armeena Khan Slams UNICEF’s Goodwill Ambassador Priyanka Chopra For ‘Supporting’ War

The tensions seem to de-escalate a bit and sanity starts to knock back in people. But the way people’s sentiments have been manipulated by this entire game of hatred is alarming. The role Indian media played is despicable but more than, it also revealed how the ones who chant slogans of keeping art free of politics are hypocrites themselves. All the hate from Bollywood influencers indicated how toxic and politicised the art industry has become.

Same hypocrisy and jingoism was pointed out by Pakistani actress Armeena Khan when Priyanka Chopra was seen cheering for war. This is to be remembered that Priyanka is UNICEF’s Goodwill Ambassador, mean to be propagating peace. Chopra has also previously visited Rohingya and Syrian refugee camps due to her affiliation with UNICEF.

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Responding to her, Armeena Khan reminded of her responsibilities for the role she is carrying. She also said that the next time Chopra speaks of peace, one must not forget her hypocrisy.
”WHAT?!!! But aren’t you supposed to be a Good Will ambassador for ? Screen shot this everyone and next time she speaks up for peace and goodwill. Let’s remind her of this hypocrisy” – said Armeena.

Armeena also exposed the politicisation of the art industry, saying that in the time of such intense crisis, it is the job of the artists to calm it down, not to propagate more hatred.

”I’m watching SOME of these “Bollywood” accounts in dismay, glorifying war (people should take note) In the future, these particular individuals shouldn’t be allowed to preach peace to the world. Artists are supposed to be sane, pacifying voices. – Armeena said. 

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