Actor Haroon Shahid threats to expose Aleem Khan with ‘WhatsApp Screenshots’

According to media reports, PTI dissident Abdul Aleem Khan has publicly criticized Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday. In his statement, Aleem Khan accused the political leader of not being “sincere to the nation”.

How did Abdul Aleem Khan go from close aide to hater?

Abdul Aleem Khan was once a close aide of the PTI chairman. However, over the past few years, he has accepted a position against the party by deciding to support the joint opposition in the Punjab Assembly.

What does he have to say about PM Imran Khan?

Speaking to a media outlet in Lahore today, Abdul Aleem Khan said:

I regret dedicating ten years of my life to the party. I have supported the PTI with great loyalty and hard work and kept my ego aside. We thought there would be a Naya Pakistan in the face of Imran Khan. I’m sad that the person I spent ten years of my life with is not sincere with the nation.

Aleem criticized the premier over several issues ranging from the National Accountability Bureau “hounding” him to his insistence on retaining Usman Buzdar as the chief minister and then the nomination of PML-Q leader Pervez Elahi as the new Punjab CM. Aleem rued that he had been branded a “traitor to the PTI” as he called out his critics and claimed that no one in the party had sacrificed more than him.

He also issued a challenge to the prime minister to bring forth any evidence of corruption against him, for which he was imprisoned for six months. Abdul Aleem Khan questioned:

Why wasn’t a reference made against me? What proof do you have? Bring it in front of the nation and tell them that these were Aleem Khan’s misdoings and corruption. I promise that if I turn out to be lying, I will shoot myself.

The PTI dissident also leveled many allegations against Buzdar as well, saying:

Usman Buzdar was involved in bribery over transfers and postings in Punjab. Farah Khan, an associate of the first lady, was responsible for being complicit in these transfers. Any investigation would uncover to who she (Farah) was forwarding the money of her alleged corruption.

Aleem Khan criticized the prime minister for Sunday’s dissolution of the National Assembly, questioning what had stopped him from doing so before. He said:

The premier could not dissolve the assemblies once a no-confidence resolution was submitted against him.

Actor Haroon Shahid speaks up in Imran Khan’s defense

Aleem Khan’s shocking remarks against Imran Khan soon caught the attention of Actor Haroon Shahid. He took to Twitter to call out the PTI dissident for his surprising statements. Extending a warning to expose Abdul Aleem Khan, the actor stated:

I have many proofs against Aleem from the time I worked for the politician’s digital company, which I might spill to the media. I regret voting for Aleem in the past because of the PTI factor.

Lauding the efforts of Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar for keeping the city of Lahore well-maintained, the actor said:

On a drive this morning, I realized how well Lahore is maintained. Yes, there was a phase when there were issues with the waste management, but this morning was a pleasant surprise to see horticulture, waste management, and traffic police all doing their job well. Well done, Buzdar.

Haroon Shahid further stated:

I’ve realized that Buzdar and his team have been working without many PR antics, and their work is now showing. There’s a whole PR cell working against him both from within and outside, but frankly, he’s slowly defying them with his work.

Abdul Aleem Khan silent

Abdul Aleem Khan hasn’t responded to the statements made by Pakistan actor Haroon Shahid. However, his claims have left people wondering about the proof the actor was referring to. Will Abdul Aleem Khan defend his honor against the actor’s claims, or will Haroon Shahid expose the PTI dissident with the ‘many’ proofs. Only time will tell what happens next in this political feud.

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