Actress Nimra Khan shares how she lost weight in one week with the ‘egg diet’

She shared her transformation journey in BOL Nights With Ahsan Khan.

Nimra Khan has created a distinct identity in the Pakistani showbiz sphere in quite a short span of time. With those beautiful big eyes, the rasp in her voice and impeccable acting, Nimra can safely be ranked amount some of the most wholesome faces of the industry.

In her recent appearance in BOL Nights With Ahsan Khan, Nimra shared her weight loss journey. Speaking about how she those extra pounds, Nimra told that the secret behind her speedy weight loss was the ‘egg diet’.

In the egg diet, Nimra told that she was supposed to consume 3 egg whites, an apple and green tea three times a day. All three items were supposed to be taken with a three-hour gap each. With this plan, Nimra also consumed a lot of water and vegetable juices to keep her hydration levels balanced.

The star actress added that although the diet plan is quite effective, it is not recommended for everyone. It might have some adverse impact if one has any underlying health issue. So you must be aware of your body before starting something like this.

Nimra added that she lost weight completely through this diet, without any exercise. This is what she had to say:

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