Actress Zaira Wasim quits bollywood because it ‘interfered with religion’

Zaira Wasim will be a part of Shonali Bose's upcoming The Sky Is Pink.


  • Dangal star Zaira Wasim quits films due to religious reasons.
  • She says it ‘risked her relationship with her faith and religion.
  • The Kashmiri-born actress will be next seen in Shonali Bose’s upcoming The Sky Is Pink.
  • Despite the attention and public fame, Zaira feels she does not belong here.

Award-winning actor Zaira Wasim announced her disassociation with Bollywood and field of acting in a shocking decision this weekend. The actress, who rose to public prominence after her star-studded performance in Dangal, says she does not belong here.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Zaira announced that she is not unhappy with the field because she may fit here, but she doesn’t belong there. She said that after five years of stepping in the field, she feels unhappy with her line of work.

Thanking the fans for their support, Zaira Wasim said that she feels like her profession has deviated her from the righteous path of faith. Her relationship with her religion felt threatened, she added.

”I am not truly happy with this identity”


Zaira said that she repeatedly had to convince herself that what she was doing was corrected and she failed to do that, not once but a hundred times.

“I kept procrastinating by tricking and deluding my conscience into the idea that I know what I am doing doesn’t feel right but assumed that I will put an end to this whenever the time feels right and I continued to put myself in a vulnerable position where it was always so easy to succumb to the environment that damaged my peace, ‘imaan’ and my relationship with Allah (God),” Zaira said. 

She said that few things that happened twisted her perception about the profession and life, and she no longer feels content at heart.

“In the great and divine wisdom of the Quran, I found sufficiency and peace. Indeed the hearts find peace when it acquires the knowledge of Its Creator, His Attributes, His Mercy and His commandments.”

“I discovered my lack of knowledge of the basic fundamentals of my religion and how my inability to reinforce a change earlier was a result of confusing my heart’s contentment and well being with strengthening and satisfying my own (shallow and worldly) desires,” Zaira added.

Indian fans divided over her decision:

While some Indian fans have requested to respect Zaira’s privacy and her decision, others requested her to reconsider it as ‘she belongs in acting’.

Do you support Zaira’s decision to quit Bollywood at such a crucial time in her career? Will it create problems for other Muslim stars in the industry? Share your thoughts with us. 




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