‘Brown log mar jayen?’ Actress Zarnish Khan calls out a troll for color shaming her

Recently, Pakistani actress Zarnish Khan slammed a troll on social media for color-shaming remarks.

Over time, many celebrities have started to call out people for color-shaming others. Many brown actors and actresses have asked the audience and the industry multiple times to look ahead their color and focus on their talent.

Recently, Pakistani actress Zarnish Khan slammed a troll on social media for color-shaming remarks.

What happened?

The gorgeous diva Zarnish Khan took to Instagram to share a picture of herself donning a beautiful white dress.

The picture showcased pure elegance. Fans and followers flooded the actress’s comment section with love and praise. However, one follower criticized the starlet’s color and said:

Nice white and white with brown legs.

Zarnish Khan responded to the comment first by saying:

Brown hona gunah hai? Jo hein woh na jiyain? Mar jain woh? Grow up, people! Stop being so superficial and shallow. Peace.

Urging people to be grateful for what Allah has blessed them with, the actress further commented:

On a serious note, roop rang Allah ki dain hai, we should learn to be grateful. Grateful for at least not being amongst the real unfortunate people, who do not have food or shelter or a fully functional body. One thing they do have is a heart filled with gratitude and admiration for that gift is life. Allah ki banaai har cheez lajawab hai. Husn logon main ya cheezon main nai, khud ki nazron main hota hai. Peace.


On the work front, Zarnish Khan was last seen in the Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir starrer drama Yeh Dil Mera. Along with this series, the actress also showcased her acting talent in the dramas Ishq Zah-e-Naseeb, Jo Tu Chahay, and Mohabbat Na Kariyo.

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    • Where are we heading…..these actor actresses not focusing on their jobs any more…….rather they are making things….hotttttt

  • showbiz is another name for superfacial , you guys work in fairness products and take heaps of money for it. Now take a bit of something for being brown. Remember how dahad mustafa used to look and look what color is he now.

    embrace your color first then people will too.

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