Taimur Khan Jhagra bashes ‘selective reporting’ on Peshawar BRT project

The story published earlier pointed about ADB's reservations regarding the project.


  • The story said that ADB showed serious concerns over Peshawar BRT project. 
  • It also claimed that the loan will not be disbursed further until the provincial government makes critical changes. 
  • The inspection team said ‘inferior quality material’ has been used in the project. 
  • Taimur Khan Jhagra refers to is as ‘selective and biased reporting’. 
  • He added that the progress on the project was satisfactory and only a selective excerpt from the report was shared.

Taimur Khan Jhagra shared details regarding the inspection of Peshawar BRT project after the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) inspection team visited. In a serious of tweets, Provincial Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for Finance clarified the facts regarding progress on Peshawar Bus Rapid Transit project after a story regarding ADB’s concerns over the use of ‘inferior quality’ material was published.

He said that he does not claim that the project has been faultless and it is open to criticism, but the selective or one-sided reporting makes it look worse. He shared that the ADB inspection team visited the province after being requested by the KP government.

Overall, their view was; “we were appreciative of the renewed sense of dedication in ensuring the Peshawar BRT is with a high degree of quality and professionalism.”

”Unfortunately, the original deadline of completing the project in six months created the perception that the project was significantly more delayed than was actually the case.”


”The political leadership of the province wanted ADB to give their independent perspective on these. Post-visit, the relevant BRT leadership was revamped, and to my knowledge P&D, PDA and the Transport Dept have resolved almost all of the issues.”

However, after his series of tweets, Taimur Khan Jhagra also commented on the recent BRT accident, where a cycle track platform at Shuba fell down from a crane while being lifted. One car was damaged.


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