What are some ‘additional charges’ in your electricity bill which contribute to the Price Build-Up?

We have deciphered them for you!

Have you ever wondered what other additional charges you have to pay in your electricity bill other than the electric units you consumed? 

The extra charges can be for various reasons i.e. distribution service charges, electric duty charges, and GST charges.

Following are the charges and rates, which contribute to the Price Build-Up:


  1. Variable Charges (Slabs)
  • Up to 50 units = PKR 2.00 per unit
  • 50-100 units = PKR 5.79 per unit
  • 101-200 units = PKR 8.11 per unit
  • 201-300 units = PKR 10.20 per unit
  • 301-700 units = PKR 17.60 per unit
  • Above 700 units = PKR 20.70 per unit
  1. NJ Surcharge
  • 201–300, PKR 0.00 per unit
  • 301–700, PKR 0.55 per unit
  • Above 700, PKR 0.67 per unit

Additional Charges

  1. Meter Rent of PKR 15.00
  2. Duty on Electricity 
  • Domestic=1.5% of Variable Charges
  • Industrial = 1.5% of Variable charges
  • Commercial = 2% of Variable Charges
  • Bulk = 2% of Variable Charges
  • Agricultural = 1% of Variable Charges
  1. General Sales Tax (approximately 17% of the gross amount)
  2. TV License Fee (Since 2010, all TV users are expected to pay PKR 35 and 60 per TV set if they are domestic and commercial respectively)
  3. Bank Charges (minimum of PKR 8.00)

It is worth mentioning that variable charges and NJ Surcharges are applied to the number of units used. However, duty on electricity and General Sales Tax are applied to the classification of domestic, commercial, industrial, and other users.

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  • It is in fact very good information presented in an effective way. These charges are brutal.

  • There are two types of extra charges. No one in this world can explain them.
    Further tax
    Extra tax

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