Adil Najam and Asad Umar Reveal Significant Facts, Determinants and Decisive Details About The Debated UNDP Report

The UNDP reports allegedly ranking Punjab’s performance above KPK statistically stirred a public debate just before the general elections. The report says that the mega-projects have proved to be significant for Punjab’s welfare. While, on the other hand, KPK, despite chanting slogans of change, is only imaginatively fantasizing development but with a contrasting approach.

It said that KPK has laid emphasis on delivering services and changing the contemporary methods on how education is imparted. But, across Pakistan, there are only six districts that are ranked as high human development districts among which four are from Punjab and none are from KPK. The report added that there are two main components of human developments. That is, i.e. health and education, and Punjab is leading in both.

The satisfaction with health facilities in Punjab was measured at 78% in contrast to KPK that stands at 73%. With these significant factors, Youth development Index puts KPK in the low achievers as well. After the report became the centre of discussion on mainstream and social media it also initiated debates. Adil Najam came forward to clarify the significant determinants that were used to sketch out the reports and save it from being politically manipulated. In a series of tweets, he said that the report is not the analysis of any party’s performance in a particular province but is an analysis of a decade (2005 – 2015).

He further added that development is not usually short-term that produces results in one or two years. Adil explicitly clarified that the report is not focused on advocating any party’s performance. He said that he is pleasantly optimistic how people are judging a party’s performance and determining whom they should vote based on actual development which for sure is revolutionary.

However, he expressed disappointment over how the findings of the reports were being manipulated by even some of the well-reputed and respected media channels without credible analysis. Here is what he had to say:

After that, Asad Umar took to twitter saying that he is amused by how the report has been manipulated and thanked Adil Najam for his in-depth analysis of human development on the national sphere. He said that the period under study was 2005 – 2015 and the positive element is that all provinces showed improvement in their HDI.

One can debate the pace but results are definitely there to an extent. He said that as per HDI between the period under study, KPK improved by 30.7%, Balochistan by 29.9%, Punjab by 20.9% and least improvement was shown in Sindh that stands at 10.9%. He added that the report under debate covers the tenure that was mostly dominated by PMLN and PPP and the fact that they are the least improving provinces speaks about their performance.

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