Adnan Sami Gets Mercilessly Trolled For Anti-Pakistan Tweet

Ex-Pakistani now Indian singer Adnan Sami is known for his Anti-Pakistan statements, which are usually made to please his Indian audience. After the entire Pulwama episode, Adnan Sami took to Twitter asking Pakistanis to have a reality check and work to eliminate terrorists. He tried to send a message that Pakistan is harbouring terrorist and at the same time, declaring them enemies. He concluded saying that Pakistan has an ostrich mentality, which is laughable and is getting exposed. He went on comparing Pakistan to a bucket full of shit.

”Dear Pak trolls, it is not about our egos being given a reality check today; it’s about eliminating terrorists who u ‘claim’ r also ur enemies! Ur Ostrich mentality is laughable. Btw, ur abuses expose ur reality & therefore d only difference between u & a bucket of shit is the bucket!” – He said.

His tweet came after the violation of Pakistani Airspace by Indian Airforce on February 26th. Rather than it sounding like criticism, his statement was blatantly abusive and offensive. However, Pakistanis outsmarted him by responding to the use of extreme, abusive language in a very hilarious way. They started to call him an undercover ISI agent, who is secretly working for Pakistan in India.

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It is amazing to see how people, rather than getting offended and abusive in return as well, trolled him with quality memes. Not only Pakistan social media handles, but Indian counterparts also participated in mercilessly trolling him.

“Pakistan must thank Adnan Sami Khan today who has been an under-cover agent in India for so many years and provided intelligence to our armed forces making it possible for us to destroy two Indian Air Force planes,” – read one of the hilarious tweets.

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