Adnan Siddiqui’s New Serial ‘Ghugi’ Shows Some Heart-wrenching Scenes Of 1947 Partition – See Here

One of the most talented, versatile and graceful actors that Pakistan has ever seen, Adnan Siddiqui is about to hit our television screens again with his new drama serial ‘Ghugi’. Pakistan’s drama industry has seen some revolutionary drama serials that have addressed crucial, tabooed social issues and have conveyed the message quite well.

The story is inspired by Amrita Pritam’s account of desperation, violence, and crimes against women and humanity during 1947 partition. The drama serial is written by Amna Mufti, Ghugi revolves around the story of two families, Hindu and a Muslim, who used to live together before partition. The drama also highlights how it affected the people and the impact it had on the collective level.

What we can deduce by what they have chosen to show us initially is that it has certain very critical aspects associated with it. The drama is quite thought-provoking that brings our attention to violence against women during partition, impact on the families that had to leave their home as a part of the process and how the entire situation impacted people after it both mentally and emotionally.

The drama is described as ‘cry of a kidnapped girl and obsession of a tortured man’, Adnan has showcased his strong character but at the same time, he is seen stepping out of his comfort zone shooting scenes like Kabaddi as well.

It has for sure be called a big leap forward in drama industry of Pakistan. Amalgamating a touch of history with modern TV screen, hopes associated with Ghuggi are high and we are certain we will not be disappointed.

Enjoy the OST here:


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