This Adorable 10-year-old New Zealand Fan’s Letter To His Hero Younis Khan Will Surely Make Your Day!

Regardless of ethnicities, nationalities and geographical demarcation – sports have proved to be a bond that is strong enough to overcome all these barriers.  Social media has further bridged this gap and has made it easier for the fans to connect with their idols.
One of them is the heartwarming story of Felix Anderson, a ten years old Auckland fan who wrote a letter to his hero Younis Khan.

Starting his adorable letter, Felix wrote that he belongs to New Zealand and Khan is one of his heroes. Young fan added that Younis’s technique is ‘beautiful’ to watch. He added intricate details of Khan’s most phenomenal performances, saying:
“Your 318 against Sri Lanka was incredible to watch, it showed me how much I want to be a professional cricketer and bat 3rd.”

Felix further requested Khan to give him some tips and advice on ‘cut shot or cover drive’. The letter also had a sketch of Younis which showed the extra effort he put in to get his hero’s attention. Here is the letter:

Younis Khan – cricketing legend and the player with most number of runs and centuries in test cricket for any Pakistani – responded to his dedicated fan two years after the letter was written. Khan took to twitter showing his appreciation and love for the young fan, thanking him and apologizing for the late response.
Khan showed his gratitude and also fulfilled the little demand the fan had. He made a special video dedicated to Felix and captioned it with the best wishes.

The heartwarming gesture immediately caught social media’s attention and also made it to the New Zealand’s news!

This sweet act will surely make the passionate fan’s day as it surely touched all of us as well.

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