Affidavit Of Religious Identity Mandatory To Acquire Government Jobs – Suffocating Minorities More?

While rest of the world is making an effort of equal opportunities without any discrimination on religious and ethnic grounds to produce qualitative workforce, Pakistan has taken a further step back in this sphere.
Islamabad High court announced it’s verdict on Elections act 2017 case. According to the court’s orders, an applicant will now have to submit an affidavit of religious identity to acquire government, semi-government jobs in Pakistan.

The highly controversial decision has given by Justice Shaukat Siddique today that now exclusively creates a barrier for religious minorities, publically allotting them a badge of religion to define their identity.

Watch the details here:

The public declaration of religion, with restricting their chances to a better life can also put their lives in danger especially in the pattern of intolerant behavior we have witnessed in the past. The order specifically came as it is believed that non-muslims have less right to ‘’dignified and insensitive posts’’.

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It is harrowing to see that we are already lagging behind the rest of the world when it comes to development and to further slow down the wheel, now the deciding merit of whether or not a person deserves a post will be their religion instead of capability and potential.

It’s distressing how repeatedly we keep strengthening the barrier that prevents the religious minorities availing same opportunities as rest of us, completely overlooking that green in collaboration with white makes Pakistani flag whole. With restricting their induction in state affairs, that they have an undebated every right to, we are willing to risk their lives forcing them to publically reveal their faith or religious belonging.

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