Pakistan included to trilateral Afghan peace talks, India feels elbowed out

  • India fears its negligible role in the ongoing Afghan Peace Talks currently held in Beijing.
  • Pakistan joins the US, China, and Russia as a step up effort to conclude the peace process.
  • Afgan’s former envoy says that India can play a proactive role in the peace process by exercising its influence on multiple fronts.
India shows concerns for being neglected in the ongoing Afghan Peace Process after the inclusion of Pakistan by US, China, and Russia – photo courtesy Aljazeera.


There has been much hype in the Indian media about the negligible role of the country in ongoing consultations regarding Afghan Peace Talks. Pakistan has joined the trilateral consultations in the Afghan peace process going on in China.

The entry of Pakistan didn’t sit well on two fronts: one in Afganistan as the country has been blaming the former to harbor terrorism in war-torn Afghanistan and also across the western side of the border who are considering themselves as sidelined for the current talks regarding Afghanistan Peace Process.

Former Afghan Ambassador to India Shaida Abdali told an Indian news channel Times of India that India’s eighteen years-long efforts to strengthen ties with Afghanistan must not be lost at this juncture and India’s indifference to the evolving situation in Afghanistan is likely to cost the country in the long run.

Representatives of China, Russia, and the United States held their third round of consultations on the Afghan peace process in China’s capital city by July 10-11. Pakistan was called on to join the Afghan Peace Talks right after the recent trilateral consultations in Beijing.

The other parties that are involved in consultations consider that Pakistan can play a key role in facilitating peace in Afghanistan and also agreed upon the possible crucial role in the peace talks in a joint statement issued at the end of the meeting.

Despite several statements by the US regarding the withdrawal of its forces from war-torn Afghanistan the country still having a large scale presence of military men within Afganistan.

Also, Prime Minister Imran Khan is scheduled to meet the President of the United States Donald J. Trump in the later parts of July and Afghan Peace Talks is highly expected to be on the agenda of the bilateral meeting.

What do you foresee the role of Pakistan in the Afghan peace consultations while undertaking the strategic role of the country as well? Please let us know in the comment section

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