Following Chinese Diplomat’s Reply, Afridi Deletes His Tweet Supporting Uighur Muslims

Yesterday, the former captain, in a tweet, had requested Prime Minister Imran Khan to speak up against China’s atrocities against the Muslims of Uighur.

Shahid Afridi had to delete his tweet regarding China’s persecution of Uighur Muslims after a Chinese diplomat complained about Afridi being misled by western propaganda against China.

Yesterday, the former captain, in a tweet, had requested Prime Minister Imran Khan to speak up against China’s atrocities against the Muslims of Uighur.

“Hearing of atrocities committed against the Uighur Muslims is heartbreaking. I request Imran Khan to speak up against this; talk of uniting the Muslim ummah includes our brothers & sisters in China too,” Shahid Afridi had written.

Following his tweet, a Chinese diplomat, Lijian Zhao, replied that he[Shahid Afridi] is being misled by western propaganda against China. He also invited the veteran cricketer for a visit to Xinjiang to know the ground realities.

Lijian Zhao is deputy director-general, information department, of the ministry of foreign affairs, China. The Chinese diplomat followed his reply to Shahid Afridi with a series of tweets showing Muslims enjoying normal life in Xinjiang.

Mesut Ozil’s condemnation:

A few days ago, Former German Footballer Mesut Ozil had also spoken for the Muslims of Xinjiang. He had slammed the muslim’s world silence over the atrocities committed by China.

After his condemnation, China stopped Arsenal’s, Mesut Ozil’s current football club, match coverage against Manchester City in its country. Not just that, he was also removed from the famous football game Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 in China.

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  • Pakistani Govt must comes with facts and its policy over ughair muslims condition in China…we as a nation must raise voice against any human right persecution, anywhere in the world…I understand that west exaggerate thing unnecessarily to attain its objectives….however if there is any kind attempt or method that suppress the right of ughair Muslims…Pakistan must raise voice against it…it might not necessarily be public…but efforts must be made thru diplomatic channel to bring ease and peace with honor in the lives of Ughair muslims….No human should stay silent for any reason, what so ever, over violation of basic human rights including the right to practice religion…China is our friend and friend has more obligation to advice and correct each other , over anyone else….If knowingly we did nothing, it will be shameful for us as nation and human…Husbunal-Allah e wa maimal wakeel…naimal mola wa naimal naseer….

  • چین کے خلاف اس وقت بڑے پیمانے پر سی آئی اے پروپیگنڈہ کررہی ہے خصوصا ایغور مسلم معاملے پر چینی حکومت کو چاہییے کہ اس پروپیگنڈے پر خاموش رہنے کے بجائے اس کا بھرپور جواب دیا جائے مسلمانوں کے دل میں چین کی خلاف نفرت پیدا کرنا دراصل امریکی پلان کا حصہ ہے امید ہے کہ چینی حکومت اس کا مناسب جواب دے گی

  • China being a friendly country to most of the muslim nations,should allow/arrange muslim tourists/groups to visit these areas to find the facts.

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