After a decade-long ban, Kuwait ‘immediately’ resumes visas for Pakistanis

photo twitter shkhrasheedAfter a decade-long suspension, Kuwait has stated it will ‘immediately’ reopen several visas including family and business categories for Pakistani citizens.

This was revealed by the Minister for Interior, Sheikh Rasheed, in a series of tweets on Sunday after a meeting with the Kuwaiti Prime Minister, Sabah Al-Khalid Al-Sabah.

Kuwait had barred visas for nationals of Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan in 2011 over what it said was challenging security conditions in the five countries.

According to the interior minister, Pakistanis residing in the Gulf will soon be able to come to Kuwait with an online visa.

Moreover, there would be no restrictions on technical visas in the fields of medicine and oil.

Laborers will also be issued work visas under arbitration between the two states.

“Pakistani families and the business community suffered tremendous problems with the Kuwaiti visa ban,” Rasheed tweeted and praised the role of Pakistani labor in the initial development of Kuwait.

“Restoration of worker visas will generate new employment opportunities for Pakistanis and business visas will increase trade between the two states.”

In mid-March, Rasheed stated that talks were underway for Kuwaiti visas to be issued again for Pakistanis.

Rasheed’s visit to Kuwait follows the meeting of the Foreign Minister, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, with the Kuwaiti Foreign Minister, Sheikh Ahmed Nasser Al-Mohammed Al-Sabah, on the sidelines of the Special Meeting of the General Assembly on Palestine in New York last week.

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  • Bcoz they need paramedical staff such as nurses, wardboys etc. to be deployed at critically ill patents such as COVID patents, TB, HIV etc. No country wants to risk its population so they have asked Pakistan to send some “sacrificial labour”…

  • haa pehla visa shaikh rasheed ko mila hay. jub kisi ko visa milay to hum kuwait main rehny waloo ko zaroor batana . 11 saal say ye chootiya bana rahy hain

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