After a six-year-long legal battle, Pakistani parents finally stand victorious in UK’s Supreme Court

As per the courts, it was said in 2017 that Sanya Ahmed, wife of Adil Shah, can take care of their son.

Finally, justice has prevailed as the Supreme Court in the UK allowed the Pakistani national to reside in the country since he’s the one who looks after his son. Adil Shah, a 33-year-old Pakistani national has been fighting this legal battle for six years now after his application to live in the United Kingdom was declined.

According to Shah, he is the only carer for his son whilst his British national wife is a working woman so if he gets deported, his son who is also a British national would be forced to leave as well.

As per the courts, it was said in 2017 that Sanya Ahmed, wife of Adil Shah, can take care of their son. Whereas, it was unanimously ruled this Monday that Mr Shah can reside in the UK as his child would be compelled to leave the country if his father leaves.

After the announcement of the verdict, Adil Shah expressed his relief and said that he’s delighted with the court’s decision. He further said that the last six years had been a trying time for him.
Muhammad Islam Khan, the lawyer of Adil Shah, stated taking the verdict into account, “Today’s ruling is a welcome precedent for similar cases in the future, and paves the way for a very humane, fair approach in decision-making where British children are involved.”

Apart from that, a civil rights group Liberty was also involved in this case, and they called the verdict as the biggest victory for the rights of children so children across the country can stay with their parents.
In an official statement made by the lawyer of the group, Lara Ten Caten, said, “The Home Office’s attempt to deport a father and primary carer was not only cruel, but it was also counter-productive.”

“The Supreme Court decision hopefully means the Home Office will not try to separate families in this way ever again,” she further mentioned.

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