After Australia, Japan Certifies Pakistan’s Mango Processing Facility For Exports

Pakistani mangoes en route to U.S. market – Farm House Export (Pvt.) LimitedJapan has approved a mango processing facility for exports from Pakistan.

The permission by the East Asian country comes days after Australia allowed two mango processing facilities of the South Asian country for exports.

The news was announced by the Advisor to Prime Minister on Commerce & Investment, Abdul Razak Dawood, on Friday.

In a post on Twitter, the advisor stated that the Roomi Foods (Pvt) Ltd Vapor Heat Treatment (VHT) Mango Plant has been certified by the Japanese authorities for the export of mangoes from Pakistan.

Dawood added that this was the exclusive facility in the South Asian country furnished to process mangoes as per the Japanese government quarantine requirements.

“I congratulate them for this and commend the facilitation given by Department of Plant Protection of Pakistan & Trade Counsel Tokyo Japan,” he tweeted.

Meanwhile, Australia has also recently certified two mango processing facilities of Pakistan for exports.

The Australian Department of Water, Agriculture, and the Environment had allowed Mustafa Agriculture Farm and Iftekhar Ahmed & Co. to facilitate the export of mangoes to the Oceanian country.

It is pertinent to note that Pakistan’s mango exports to Australia have grown from 2 tonnes in 2013 to 79 tonnes in 2019, raising the country’s share from 0.2% to 8.7%.

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