After Blue Whale, Another Challenge Is Surfacing The Internet – And It Has Reached Pakistan!

With turning the world into a global village and providing us opportunities inside the comfort of our homes, in the age of the internet has also made us all vulnerable. As there is no age restriction that filters and prevents the vulnerable minors from accessing and certainly brings them at risk.

We have seen a similar ordeal previously in the form of Blue Whale game, where many teenagers fell prey to the game and even suicide cases were reported. The game reached Pakistan and multiple cases went viral here as well.

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Recently, another game of similar nature has surfaced the internet and it’s even scarier!
A random number with a quite absurd display picture reaches to you via WhatsApp and asks you to fulfil some tasks. The woman, who calls herself ‘Momo’ assigns you the tasks to instantly fulfil. The tasks range from sending a mirror selfie, to changing the Wi-Fi password to self-harm. The game has claimed the life of a teenager in Argentina.

However, what is even more alarming and threatening is that the challenge has reached Pakistan as well. A Facebook user from here, Maham, shared her experience. She said first her friend got the message from that number, to which she replied. Allegedly, you can’t block the number once you have replied to it. The receiver was told to change her Wi-Fi password and if she doesn’t do it, a family member will be killed. Then Maham herself received the messages but she was aware of it and blocked instantly without replying. However, she was shocked to receive the images of her and her friend that wasn’t even present on Facebook or any other social media platform. Here is what Maham told about it:

Though adults are a little more sensible and mature in handling challenges like this, a vulnerable child’s mind will definitely be greatly affected by it. Hence, when now even the youngest children have access to gadgets and smartphones, we need to supervise them and keep a check to see if they are facing anything similar – which they might be too scared to talk about themselves.

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