After ‘Dajjal’ trended on Twitter, Muslims are now cancelling their Netflix subscriptions

According to Netflix, “There’s no truth to this story.”

Muslims from various countries have shown absolute anger because of the latest project by Netflix. The project ‘Messiah’ is based on a Christ-like man. He performs miracles all around the world.

Muslims have discovered that the name of the character is a synonym of ‘Dajjal’. Dajjal is a false prophet in Islamic theology.

According to Netflix, “There’s no truth to this story.” They have also denied blocking fans who have talked against the series.

Here’s how Muslims across the world are reacting to the series:

Earlier, the Pakistani audience was not very happy by the trailer of the new Netflix series ‘Bard of Blood’ by the King of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan.

Mehwish Hayat tweeted about how Indian media has always deliberately defamed Pakistan

Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment has produced the series. It is an Indian spy thriller and is starring Emraan Hashmi.

The trailer starts in Balochistan, where Indian spies have been abducted and are about to be killed before delivering an important piece of information to India. Hashmi, who is playing an excommunicated RAW agent Kabir Anand, is called to Balochistan for a rescue mission.

A book of the same name by Bilal Siddiqi has formed the basis of the series. The upcoming series has really upset Muslims and twitter is just full of it.

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