Aspiring doctor from Aga Khan University caught filming female students in bathroom

He was secretly filming female students since 3 years.

A former student from one of the country’s most reputed medical institutions Aga Khan University has been caught filming female students. According to initial reports, he was doing this for three years and had a hidden camera in the girl’s washroom.

Aga Khan is one of the most reputed medical colleges, with extremely difficult selection criteria. Out of 8000 candidates, only 300 pass their entrance exam and 100 are shortlisted after the interview. With a high yearly free, the institute is definitely for the elite with the most privileged backgrounds.

A Facebook user narrated the horrifying experience. She wrote that they were at dance practice with the friends when the alleged culprit, Aga Khan student Alishan Tirmizi, left his phone on recording in the restroom. In this time, many women went to use the restroom and one of her close friends caught the phone, leading to gut-wrenching revelations.

The medical student was secretly filming girls in restrooms for three years. His classmates are absolutely shaken by the incident.

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Aga Khan takes action:

The student also showed concern that since the culprit belongs to an influential background, the issue might be swept under the carpet. She added that due to his strong background, the institute might be reluctant to take action against them as it might create hurdles for AKU.


Aga Khan: Student filming female students in the bathroom for 3 years


The culprit: Alishan Tirmizi


However, the girl later updated her status adding some recent developments on the case. As per initial reports, Aga Khan has kicked him out of the hostel and he is not allowed to attend any clinics and ORs as of now.

The university is further probing into the matter and promises appropriate action against him after the disciplinary committee makes the decision.

Tirmizi’s former classmates have shown utter shock over the event, said they never expected it from him. 

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