Aged Pakistani Couple Is Starving To Death In Syria While Being Few Kilometers Away From The Embassy – Read Here

In the nearest vicinity to Pakistan’s embassy in Syria, terrible living conditions of an elderly couple are enough to make any human’s heart weep. In besieged East Ghouta live 72 years old Muhammad Fadel Akram and his 62 years old wife Sugran Bibi, struggling every day to fulfill the necessities of life. Barely being able to fulfill their needs, both are surviving by raising livestock.

With eyes of hope fixed on Pakistani embassy, Fadel tells his condition saying that he has no clean water to drink and no sufficient food to eat. He said that his wife is sick and needs medicine. They tried to contact the Pakistani embassy many times, however, all the efforts were futile as they couldn’t get any access to it.
Back in September, Bashar al-Assad’s forces completely disconnected the supply of commercial food sales and UN aid to East Ghouta. Fuel and medicine had already been previously banned.

Advocacy Campaigner Rahmani says that Assad’s regime used ‘starve or surrender’ strategy, which means depriving the civilians off basic necessities ultimately forcing them to surrender. The condition is simply worsening with every passing day, with child malnutrition showing horrific statistics believed to be equivalent to sub-Saharan level. According to ICRC, quality of life is no longer the point under discussion as life is near to ‘impossible’ in that area now.

Few kilometers away from Pakistan’s embassy, the aged couple is desperate for help. Their case came to attention as part of a story on foreign nations stranded in these areas, trying to breathe through war and its consequences.
Akram came to Syria back in 1973 to earn a better livelihood and one opportunity after the other prolonged his stay. He said that he is completely helpless as Pakistani embassy has been completely irresponsive. With even no UN in the area, it is hard to do something about it.

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