[VIDEO] Agha Ali under fire for mocking Pushto, #AghaAliMaafiMango trends

#AghaAliMaafiMango is also trending hashtag on Twitter right now.

Recently Agha Ali and his wife Hina Altaf appeared on a show. Last week, a video clip of the show started doing the rounds on the internet, where Agha Ali had said that he asked his wife to promise she would never get fat.

Soon after the video went viral, social media was flooded with the public calling out Agha Ali for making this statement. They gave him the title of a ‘fat-shamer.’

The fat-shaming controversy hadn’t fully ended, and Agha jumped into another one. People dug up an old interview video of Agha Ali, where he made fun of Pakhtoons.

In the interview video, Agha Ali is seen alongside Neelum Muneer, who is a Pashtun herself.

Agha Ali said:

While shooting, Neelum starts talking on the phone in Pushto.

After saying this, he mimicked Neelum Muneer’s Pushto.

The male actor further said:

I have never seen anyone doing romance in Pushto.

Agha Ali is currently facing a severe backlash regarding his ethnic-centered remarks. #AghaAliMaafiMango is also trending hashtag on Twitter right now#AghaAliMaafiMango is also trending hashtag on Twitter right now . Here is what people have to say about him:


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