Ahad Raza Mir’s kissing scene in Resident Evil draws social media ire [Video]

Ahad Raza Mir made headlines when it was first reported that he will be joining the cast of Resident Evil. The first season of the series was released on Netflix yesterday.

Pakistani fans were super excited for the film as they eagerly waited to get a glimpse of their favourite star in an international project. Ever since Ahad Raza Mir appeared on our Netflix screens in Resident Evil, fans can’t stop talking about it on social media.

However, a couple of his scenes from the series has been doing rounds on the internet. In one of the scenes, he can be seen kissing Jade Wesker, the character played by Ella Balinska.

Watch the scene below

Social Media Reaction

Reacting to Ahad Raza Mir’s bold scene in the Resident Evil, a social media user wrote that he is playing an Indian character and him doing such scenes doesn’t represent us. Another wrote that the reaction would have been totally different if it was a Pakistani actress instead of Ahad.

A Instagram user wrote that there were people who blamed Sajal Aly’s romantic scenes in dramas for their divorce but nobody is talking about her ex-husband’s steamy scenes.

Ahad Raza Mir Lands Another Foreign Project

After Resident Evil, the Pakistani actor will soon be seen in the World on Fire Season 2. He will be playing a supporting role alongside original cast members including Lesley Manville as Robina, Jonah Hauer-King as Harry, Julia Brown as Lois, and Zofia Wichlacz as Kasia

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