Ahmad Noorani aka Advocate Of ‘Press Freedom’ Threatens Admin Siasat.pk’s Family

Prominent journalist and an ‘advocate’ for freedom of expression Ahmad Noorani openly threatens Siasat.pk’s admin that he is close to locating his family as he perceives the platform to be involved in ‘criminal’ activities (intense).

Noorani is a quite known name in Pakistani media and himself was center of a controversy not so long ago. He was held accountable for false news about Joint Investigation Team (JIT) exonerating ousted PM Nawaz Sharif in Panama case. Facing the music for his fabricated and inaccurate story, ‘The News’ reporter also later apologized for his fault saying all humans make mistakes and he is no different.

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However, building an image of a defender of press freedom, Noorani seems to only believe in his slogan when the opinions coincide with his own beliefs, which in this case, didn’t.


Being Pakistan’s biggest political discussion forum, Siasat.pk has played a role in making the masses aware of their significance in state affairs that no one simply deny. But ironically the news that apparently instigated Ahmad Noorani and provoked him to make rather personal and threatening comments about the organization’s admin, wasn’t even opinion based.

The platform simply reported a news and specified the source as well which suggested that Ayaz Sadiq is reluctant to run the election against PTI’s Aleem Khan. The news wasn’t ‘created’ and was in fact only ‘reported’  by using the said source as a reference. Furthermore, no personal opinion was impressed upon it but the room for discussion was kept for the public to participate.


At a rather neutral and unobjectionable method of reporting the story, Ahmad Noorani went on with calling the admin as an activist working for a particular party’s agenda – which we respect because unlike verbal advocacy, we practically believe in freedom of expression and an individual’s right to hold opinions. But in the later part, Noorani clearly and openly threatening the Admin’s family is rather condemnable and concerning.

People weren’t reluctant in showing their support and appreciated Admin’s efforts towards a more aware Pakistan.

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