Ahmad Shah is Pakistan’s latest victim of online bullying and it needs to stop!

Bullying and body shaming - for an 8 years old!


Ahmad Shah became an overnight Pakistani internet sensation after a clip of his argument with a teacher for his bag went viral. After that, his popular ‘Peeche Tou Dekho’ video received a bundle of praise and got millions of views because of Ahmad’s originality and candidness.

Team ARY found the boy and offered him to be a part of their Ramzan Transmission in 2019. After a successful debut in the television industry, Ahmad Shah was part of ARY’s Ramzan Transmission this year yet again.

However, this time his cute young brother Umer also accompanied him, and he is as adorable as his elder brother.

These cute Pashtun boys already have a huge fan base.

Despite all the love these boys received, some netizens are trolling and body shaming the 8-year-old and his younger brother.

While we tend to be very unfiltered on social media, we must consider the impact our online behavior can have on someone.

Body shamming an 8-YEAR-OLD?! No one deserves this!

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  • Its channels fault for promoting them. Ahmed shah parents also making money. Why they want their children to be on screen. Sad

  • Obesity is a problem specially at young age, there weight must be reduced but the kids are cute and some people are stupid by writing silly comments just stay to the point that weight should be reduced instead calling them bad names. It’s responsibilities  of parents to give them healthy diet.

  • Insecure people . You f* morons need to move your lazy A* to get same status like Ahmed . Love him and brothers .

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