Ahmed Ali Butt compares the prices of essential items during Imran Khan and PML N’s government

Actor Ahmed Ali Butt has been a strong critic of the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML N) led federal government.

Ever since the new government took charge, many celebrities have called them out over the rising inflation as well as the increasing loading shedding. The Jawani Phir Nahi Ani actor is one of them.

Recently, he took to his Instagram account to share the difference between the prices of different items during Imran Khan’s government and PML N’s government. He shared a handwritten note on Instagram, which read: “50 days performance of the government made in the name of ‘Mehngai Mukao March.”

Earlier, he had also taken a dig at the government after it increased price of cooking oil. “Time to start cooking in petrol,” he had written.

Furthermore, Ahmed Ali Butt had also defended Imran Khan’s helicopter use. He shared the difference between Imran Khan’s helicopter usage and Nawaz Sharif’s helicopter usage.

According to the actor, Imran Khan used the helicopter for the progress of the country while the former three times PM used it to deliver his lunch.

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