How much does Ahmed Shah approximately earn from Jeeto Pakistan?

Ahmed is also the youngest Pakistani YouTuber to have 1 million subscribers.

Ahmed Shah, the boy from the ‘Peeche Tou Dekho’ video, has a huge fan following inside and outside Pakistan.

The cute chubby Pakhtun boy was first seen in the famous ‘Peeche Tou Dekho’ video which took the internet by the story. Ever since then all of his videos have been a major hit!

His authentic and genuine expression has made fans across borders. Indian pop singer Honey Singh calls him his ‘favorite kid’ and regularly shares his videos.

Ahmed Shah earned so much love among the masses that different television channels approached him and now he is on every show these days.

His innocent jokes are to die for! Many celebrities have become friends with him.

He is currently the part of Fahad Mustafa’s popular game show Jeeto Pakistan. He appears as a treasure box pirate in the game show.

How much Ahmed earns has always been a matter of curiosity, however, neither any media outlet nor any of his family members ever shared his salary.

Taking show’s popularity and average pay scale into consideration, it can be inferred that Ahmed earns 50-150K from a single show of Jeeto Pakistan. Not only that, but all of his outfits are sponsored by different brands as well.

Child star, Ahmed, has multiple income streams. He also works for different TV commercials and recently became the youngest Pakistani YouTuber to have 1 million subscribers.

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  • This kid has no ethics and sense and media is promoting for no reason. Can someone enlighten me that what is his achievement?

    • He’s a kid. He’s not supposed to have developed great ethics and sense. What are you on banging on about ?

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