Ahsan Khan Is Seeking YOUR help for this differently-abled girl – See What He Has To Say

Dard e dil ke vāste paidā kiyā insān ko

Warna ata’aat ke liye kuchh kam na the karr o bayāñ


Allah Almighty has called human life sacred and said he loves human beings more than 70 mothers,  regardless of any religion, race or ethnicity. This shows the importance Allah has given to people’s feelings. Anyone who makes an effort to help other people through their time of suffering in their capacity is dear to the creator. However, we have lost compassion in the middle of hatred and competition.

We have seen very few people who have genuinely tried to make someone’s life better in Showbiz and Ahsan Khan is definitely one of those. We have previously seen him very active in campaigns against child sexual abuse after his hit drama serial Udaari.

A few days back a girl named Afsheen made to the news. Afsheen is a 9 years old girl whose head hangs at 180 degrees. Her mother told that they have sold their house for her medical treatment but still, no improvement is seen and they can’t afford anymore.

She also said that Afsheen’s father is also suffering from mouth cancer and they urged the government to help them. Apart from the physical disability which restricts her to do anything on her own, Afsheen is suffering from bullying from fellow children as well who refuse to play with her and say that they are ‘scared’ of her.
Ahsan Khan reached out to the girl’s family and met them. It was pleasant to see an actor using his influence this positively.

He posted that on Instagram along with a beautiful and heartfelt message about why he is drawn to differently abled people.

He made a great effort and so can you. All of us need to realize that a little effort made today can actually change someone’s life. If we aren’t in a position to help them, we can at least teach our children to be more considerate and helpful towards the differently abled and be an agent of positive energy.

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