Aima Baig under fire for wearing a ‘revealing outfit’ on her birthday

Aima big posted a series of photos from her 26th birthday.

Aima Baig’s birthday outfit angers the moral police.

Aima Baig, the Pakistani singing sensation, turned 26 this month, which of course called for a celebration. So to celebrate enjoy her birthday some friends and family members of the singer and songwriter came together.

The trending Pakistani singer took to Instagram to keep her fans in the loop with all the festivities. Aima big posted a series of photos from her 26th birthday.

While the singer must have been expecting her fans and followers to shower the comment section with well wishes, netizens flooded the comments with criticism. People are not happy with Aima’s birthday outfit because they feel it is too revealing.

Aima Baig’s Birthday Outfit

The young singer wore a western-style skirt with a floral tank top on her birthday, and people are not happy with her choice of wardrobe.

Here are some pictures of Aima Baig’s birthday:

Here is what netizens have to say about Aima Baig’s outfit:

Aima Baig is one of the most trending Pakistani singers who has won over millions of fans with her melodious voice. Her work on the soundtrack for Lahore Se Aagey made her famous in Pakistan. Many of her singles like “Malang”, “Do Bol,” and even “Te Quiero Mucho” for Velo Sound Station have been loved by the people.

Initially, the young diva was known for her brief time on Dunya News’ show Mazaaq Raat. But now, we all know Aima Baig for rocking the stage at every big music studio and event.

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  • Ye wali azadi chahti hey Aourat March … afsos hota het inn ke parents per jinhon ne inn ko iss rastey dala hey ,Allah hidayat dey

  • یہ گشتی ایک جنسی ہراسانی میں ملوث مجرم علی ظفر کے ساتھ فوج کیلئے گانے بھی گاتی ہے۔ سمجھو ایک دوسری وینا ملک تیار ہے ننگ پنے کی نمائش کرنے کیلئے

    • جناب پی ٹی آی میں کنجروں کے علاوہ کیا کوی ہے؟ جن کا لیڈر کنجر ان سے کیا امید کی جا سکتی یے

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