Aima Baig, Shahbaz Shigri got engaged [See Pictures+Videos]

See picturea and videos here

Aima Baig

Aima Baig and Shahbaz Shigri have officially been engaged. The news comes after the couple teased their fans of a wedding ceremony in a recent award show.

The singer took to her social media and thanked her friends for their wishes.

Aima Baig wore a red and green saree while Shahbaz was seen wearing a black suit at the event.

Many celebrities, including Aima’s best friend Hania Amir, Bilal Saeed, Uzair Jaswal, Yasir Jaswal, Ali Rehman Khan, and Usman Mukhtar, attended the ceremony.

Pictures and Videos of the engagement ceremony are making the rounds on social media.

See Pictures here:

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  • What happened to Pakistan, proposal with hugs, it’s not nikkah just engaged, at least value culture, wait for hugging each other

    • It is haram to hug your fiance, you can only hug your wife and i think only in private.

      • behnchod pata nhi kahan say yeah haram halal bana liye hayn, loroo jitnay yahan pay sabq detay hayn, unka koi larki zara sa lift karaday tou phir bhool jatay hayn saray haraam halal.Apny dilo ko kholo, gaand na khulwao movio say.

    • Wake up Raja he is right you cant hug if you are not married very poor education system in Pakistan

      • do you know what, Pakistan is the number one country in the world to watch porn films, why? just because of this kind of mentality and suffocated thinking/teachings.

        If there ever would be a true survey, Pakistan would also be the worst country when it would come to rape, incest and child molestation (even though we see it already but just to make it official, we always need some surveys) This is all due to this kind of creepy ideology, injected in Pakistan during the Afghan war.

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