‘Makeup kam use kiya karo’, Aiman Khan’s advices TikToker Jannat Mirza in the viral video

Following the makeup-related conversation, Aiman Khan also made an intriguing announcement on the talk show.

Recently, Pakistani diva Aiman Khan was invited to Wajahat Rauf’s YouTube show ‘Voice Over Man’. During a talk show segment, the host asked the actress to share any advice for her fellow celebrities. Aiman Khan had a lot of wise words to offer; however, the internet got stuck on a piece of advice she offered to TikTok sensation Jannat Mirza.

Referring to the TikTok star, the Pakistani actress said:

My advice for her is that she should use less make-up.

Following the makeup-related conversation, Aiman Khan also made an intriguing announcement on the talk show. The actress stated that she is planning to launch a salon soon. Pakistanis are interested in knowing more about the diva’s salon plans.

Watch the episode here:

Jannat Mirza’s previous feud with Pakistani celebrities

In June 2021, Jannat uploaded a video wearing an accessory that she received in a PR package. According to Jannat, the package consisted of a piece that had a cross sign and butterflies on it. According to her, when she shot her videos, she didn’t notice it. However, once she uploaded the video, she found out about it through the comment section.

Several people pointed out the Christian symbol – cross sign – in the videos. Senior actress Bushra Ansari also jumped the bandwagon to express her opinion regarding the entire issue, saying:

Aik dur fitty mun to banta hay in jahil stars par. Afsos Islam ka pata na kisi aur religion ka. [I am so disappointed and annoyed with these stupid stars. Neither do they have knowledge about Islam, nor any other religion.]

As soon as Jannat Mirza realized the seriousness of the matter, she removed the videos and apologized for her unintentional mistake on her Instagram handle, saying:

To my Christian fans & friends, I am really sorry I didn’t notice the chain at all. I heartily apologize to all of you. Please accept it.

Following the apology, the TikTok star blasted veteran actress Bushra Ansari for calling her ‘Jahil [Stupid]’, after a post of hers disrespecting the Christianity symbol circulated on the web. The internet soon turned to her side and bashed Bushra Ansari.

Considering this incident, it’s safe to say that Jannat Mirza isn’t one to back off when her respect is at stake. It’s only a matter of time before she turns to actress Aiman Khan to give her a taste of her own medicine.

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